About Brian Keary - Classical Guitarist

Brian Keary is a trained and qualified classical guitarist with 16 years playing experience. He has the power to transform the atmosphere of any function with the utmost class and discretion, including wedding church music, receptions, candle-lit dinners, funerals, birthdays and solo recitals. He is based in Dublin, however is available to travel to functions. His fees are negotiable and he is worth every cent.

Brian studied in the D.I.T. Conservatoire of Music where he received a B.Mus. (Hons) degree. He has been playing the guitar for over 16 years and is familiar with many different genres. He is a classically trained guitar player who also has experience of different styles / genres of music ranging from ragtime and folk to baroque and contemporary.

Brian has peformed for many internationally renowned guitar virtuosos including; Berta Rojas, John Williams, David Russell, Manuel Barreuco, Lorenzo Micheli and Xufei Yang.